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Christmas Mug Shots

Mug Shots.picmonkey

He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice? Turns out Santa’s been naughty too, and he and his crew get into their fair share of trouble. Just like their Halloween counterparts, these mischievous Christmas characters are up to no good, as last year’s mug shots reveal.

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Printed Snowflake Cards


Scratch Foam makes it possible for kids to learn about printmaking in a fun and easy way. Turning the prints into cards allows them to showcase the cool results, and learning about snowflakes is a great way to start things off.

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Halloween Crafts

Halloween Collage

Here are a few last minute Halloween craft ideas to squeeze in before the big day.

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Halloween Bookmarks


There is plenty of evidence that vampires and their ilk are invading every corner of our lives. October is their time to come out and play, and making bookmarks is a great way to explore the spooky world of Halloween with kids of all ages.

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Haunted House Cut Out


Come with us on a journey to the dark side, where haunted houses are filled with spooky characters, lurking behind windows and doors.

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Chestnut Eyes


Chestnut trees are evil mess makers, depositing sticky red things, white flowers, chestnuts and leaves, in a cycle that never seems to end. The only positive thing has been transforming the chestnuts into these really cool Halloween eyeballs, inspired by a fabulous image from Simon Clarke. Continue reading


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Halloween Rocks


Of course it does! And here’s an easy way for kids to help out with the festivities, by making some fun and easy decorations of their own.

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Image Transfers


Acrylic Mediums alter acrylic paint in all sorts of interesting ways. Pouring Medium, for instance, allows the paint to flow so it can be poured onto surfaces, and dry without cracking. I used this medium to make Halloween SkinsPumpkin Decorations, and some Gerhard Richter inspired paintings. 

Another medium, Glass Beads Gel, adds a glossy, bead-like texture to your work, and can be mixed with acrylics or added on top. This medium added a perfect finish for Painting A Galaxy, and a fun texture to Puzzle Piece Pins.

Recently, I picked up some Acrylic Gel Medium which not only alters the texture of acrylic paint, but enables you to transfer printed images onto other surfaces, making it ideal for creating layers in collages and mixed media. In this instance, I simply used it as an adhesive to transfer images onto a box and future pencil holder. It turned out to be super easy to work with.

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Drawing The Alphabet


In a few weeks, kids will head back to school, where new and exciting things will be explored, and this project fits right in. Drawing the alphabet is a great way for wee ones to learn their letters, and for older kids to try their hand at designing their own. Many themes can be used to make your ABC’s look awesome, like crazy creatures, patterns, plants, even celebrations like Halloween or Christmas.

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Rolled Paper Art


Turning recycled paper into art is a great way to give it new life. There are some amazing and inspiring examples of rolled paper art, which I have linked to at the end of this post. And while they may seem long and involved to make, small versions can be just as impressive. As long as kids can roll a strip of paper, they can create something cool to display and enjoy.

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