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Garden Art

Earlier this summer, I suggested spending some time hunting and gathering outdoors to collect items for future arts and crafts projects. This is one of those projects where you’ll be able to make use of your treasures. Many of your gathered items are typically found on the ground, only to be stepped on or tossed in the compost pile, so you may be surprised to see how this blending of nature and imagination can create some really interesting garden art.

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Hunting and Gathering

Take some time over the summer to collect things in nature that may come in handy for future arts and crafts projects. Any kind of odds and ends you find in your garden, at a park, a cottage, or along the beach, will provide great material to work with. Consider things like twigs and small branches, flower petals you can press in books, seed pods, a small container filled with sand, even leaves and moss. The items you find can be hung up to dry or stored in a box until needed. Happy hunting.

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Aboriginal Australian Dot Painting

Indigenous Australians use art as a way of expressing their beliefs and their oneness with nature. Various forms of expression include rock carving, bark painting, sculpture, wood carving and sand painting. Sand painting was made on the ground using sand, stones, seeds, flowers and feathers. The symbols created were used to teach young members of a clan about their history. Today, these designs are also created on boards and canvasses and referred to as dot paintings. The dots are used to make patterns and symbols.

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