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Macabre Miniatures

These miniatures aren’t really macabre at all but it sounded good, and they are perfect to scatter around your home, or to decorate your table for Halloween. They’re also great to put in home made crackers, which I will cover in my next post.

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Creepy Garden

This creepy little garden was inspired by Tim Burton, whose wonderful characters and swirly landscapes have always been part of a Halloweenesque world. A terrific exhibition just wrapped up at MoMA and will be coming to the Tiff Bell Lightbox in Toronto in November, offering a selection of paintings, drawings, shortfilms and so on, spanning his career. While it won’t be on time for Halloween, it’s still a great idea to take your kids so they can enjoy his work, and the many activities that will be offered.

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Delicious Nonsense: Queen of Hearts Card Project

What could be more delicious than Tim Burton interpreting the magical children’s story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? A strange story will now become even stranger I’m sure. This inspired me to come up with a project involving the Queen of Hearts, who so torments poor Alice. 


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