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Happy Holidays

pumkin Halloween

I became rather attached to one of our pumpkins this year, and with the addition of a santa hat, decided to keep him until Christmas. 

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Holiday Ornament


I admit to having discreetly ditched a few Christmas ornaments in my day, in order to make room for new arrivals, because who can say no to just one more ornament.

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Christmas Mug Shots

Mug Shots.picmonkey

He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice? Turns out Santa’s been naughty too, and he and his crew get into their fair share of trouble. Just like their Halloween counterparts, these mischievous Christmas characters are up to no good, as last year’s mug shots reveal.

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Felted Santas


I’m not sure where the last 7 weeks went, but my unintentional break has finally come to an end – just in time to squeeze in some felted Santa ornaments, before the trees come down!

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Pom Pom People


Last year, my daughter came home from school with a bunch of little pom pom people she had made. They lived in our Christmas tree and looked adorable. This year’s bunch look a little ragged, like they stayed up too late, and that’s what I love about them. They’re incredibly easy to make, and a fun way for young children to contribute to your holiday decor. Perfect pom poms be gone!

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Flapping Bird Ornament

The urge to decorate is at an all time high, and less is more is not everyone’s mantra. Neither is good taste. So let’s all take a deep breath, calmly walk past those cars with red nose antler combos, and find solace in the fact that it will soon be over. It’s a safe bet that a few flapping birds will not elicit any intense, negative feelings. Besides, they’ll be safely inside your home.

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Fabergé Ornaments

Remove all thoughts of that cheesy perfume from the seventies and think eggs, exquisite, luxurious Russian made eggs. Peter Carl Fabergé was a famous Russian artist-jeweller, and the creative genius behind the House of Fabergé, makers of fine jewelry, accessories and silverware. His immense talents came to the attention of Tzar Alexander III, who appointed him goldsmith and jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court. A commission for an Imperial Easter egg soon followed, and because of its impressive design, technical innovation and craftsmanship, lead to the commission of others. These luxurious eggs were considered masterpieces made with precious metals, gem stones and enamel. Some even opened up to reveal surprises in the centre like miniature carriages or ships. Today, they are considered some of the most important art treasures ever made, and serve as the perfect inspiration for making ornaments.

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