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Scratch-Foam Printmaking

P1160272Scratch-foam boards are an amazing, safe way for younger children to experience printmaking. No special tools are required, and the results are soooo cool.

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Linocut Printmaking


I’ve loved Marimekko fabrics since highschool, when I purchased a wonderful black and white striped fabric to make pillows for my room. Their bright, bold graphics were stunning, and unlike anything I had seen. So of course I was thrilled to see Marimekko, With Love, currently on at The Textile Museum Of Canada. Room after room of fabrics, products and images tell the story of the company’s history and its recent revival, teaming up with the likes of Crate and Barrel, Converse, and Finnair planes, where their iconic poppy can be seen flying through the sky. There’s a wonderful simplicity to their designs, which makes them ideal for exploring the linocut printmaking technique.

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Things That Caught My Eye

OCAD’s Grad Show was bursting at the seams with work from talented students. It’s just the sort of outing you need to motivate, inspire, or send you down the treacherous path of trying your hand at something new without any formal training. Thought I would share with you a few works that caught my eye:

Kira Shaimanova’s fantastical three dimensional illustrations have a lovely unsettling quality. She makes her dolls out of clay, creates her own sets, then photographs them together. Is it just me, or does the doll below look like Bjork?

Sweet Talk by Kira Shaimanova. Photo:http://www.kirashaimanova.com

Tiffany Eting Wu’s fibre art installation provides an interesting commentary on how crime scenes are represented in the media. Her hundreds of delicate, white flowers were in perfect contrast to the subject matter.

Crime Scene by Tiffany Eting Wu

Flora Shum’s printmaking was stunning, and definitely my favorite. The wall was filled with her delicate prints, which included etchings on handmade flax paper.

Detail of Flora Shum's work

Amanda Muis’s canvas and encaustic on wood was beautiful. From a distance, I was tempted to think pasta. But on closer inspection, it reminded me of a microscopic view of something like mitochondria… traces of high school biology lingering in my brain.

Detail of Tempest by Amanda Muis.

Elisabeth Heidinga’s installation is about how humanity’s over-consumption is impacting negatively on the environment, and how our behaviour patterns are contributing to increased numbers of animals becoming endangered.

Detail of an installation by Elisabeth Heidinga

Abby McGuane created an interesting marbling effect with her collaged black and white inkjet prints. Slightly different sized holes were cut in superimposed copies of the same image, thus creating the marbling effect. Unfortunately, the depth of these spaces doesn’t really come through in the photograph. It really was neat.

Detail from Unseeing by Abby McGuane.

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