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Sand Casting


Part of this year’s vacation involved heading to the beach in Nova Scotia, where I was finally able to try my hand at sand casting. It was as cool as it sounds, and kept us busy for a while, as we looked longingly at the Atlantic Ocean, which was way too cold to swim in. What is it about the Atlantic anyway? Even in Portugal, with scorching hot temperatures, it took a lot of enticing to get me in those frigid waters. Next year, I’m thinking warm Mediterranean…

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Rainbow Sand Casting

Rainbow Sand Casting

Sand casting is such a great idea, and has become a popular beach activity for kids. Tons of blogs have been showing great examples of hands, feet, shells, you name it. But what really caught my eye was a YouTube video by Gary Einloth. I liked his idea of using tools to prod deeply into the sand, and thought some interesting miniature landscapes could be created using this method.

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Sand Art

Creating sand art is an ideal outdoor summer project, and can be as easy or as complicated as a child chooses. Designs can be completed in minutes following a frenzied moment of spontaneity, or after hours of planning and painstaking precision. We opted for the former, which works best with younger children.

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