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Salt Dough Valentine Cards


It’s always fun and rewarding for kids to make their own Valentine cards.

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Mosaic Heart Box


It seems we have Mr. Richard Cadbury to thank for introducing the first heart shaped chocolate box, unveiled back in February, 1861. These boxes became all the rage, and their much admired lid designs made them popular for storing household items once the chocolates ran out. In keeping with that tradition, here’s a little project to help children make their own mosaic heart box, for storing their chocolates and treasures.

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Word Cloud Valentine Cards

Word clouds have become a popular advertising trend, and are great for making personalized valentine cards. Simply visit one of the many websites and decide on the text you would like to use, select various options like font and colour, submit your choices, and your words will show up beautifully arranged. It’s a great way to make unique looking cards that stand out from the unimaginative options available for kids.

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