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Watercolour Painting With Salt and Glue


There’s a very cool image making the rounds on Pinterest, from a blog called Chalk In My Pocket. It’s made using watercolour paint, glue and salt, and involves squirting, painting and sprinkling with the kind of freedom that kids love. It also makes you want to try it out yourself. While I’ve explored salt paintings before, adding glue, which acts as a resist, creates wonderful texture. And isolating small areas by cutting out shapes, opens up all sorts of possibilities.

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Salty Bookmarks

Salt crystals have a way of transforming watercolor paintings into the coolest, texture filled creations. The crystals absorb the water surrounding them and push the pigment away, leaving white, speckled patterns behind. Once these paintings are sliced up, they make lovely, unique looking bookmarks that children will love.

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Under The Sea

Create a magical sea world with a textured watercolour background, some fish, a few bones and plenty of imagination. About the bones…it’s not that I have a particular fondness for bones, but this is my second project using them, and my daughter is beginning to find it a bit odd. She’s probably wondering where I’m heading with this since I’ve now covered chicken and fish. Quite simply, I’ve always wanted to incorporate fish bits in a project. I may have been inspired by the unique art which graces the walls of Joso’s restaurant and actually includes the odd piece of fish skin, along with a liberal dose of boobs and bottoms. But since they quite possibly make the best fish in Toronto, who am I to say what they should do with the leftovers.

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Pick Your Poison

Dengue Fever Virus (x 30,195) & Influenza A Virus (x 31,710)

Virus means poison in Latin, and is responsible for much misery this time of year. If you know someone who’s bedridden with Influenza or Dengue Fever, why not send them a get well card with your very own rendering of the virus? The lovely muted colours of your watercolour painting, along with your somewhat twisted sense of humour, will surely bring a smile to your sickly friend’s face while they continue on with their violent shivering fits and severe muscle aches. Naturally, you’ll want to mail your card to avoid any of these nasty contagions. All kidding aside, this was a really fun subject to paint because when magnified a few thousand times, viruses can be quite beautiful.

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