Under The Sea

Create a magical sea world with a textured watercolour background, some fish, a few bones and plenty of imagination. About the bones…it’s not that I have a particular fondness for bones, but this is my second project using them, and my daughter is beginning to find it a bit odd. She’s probably wondering where I’m heading with this since I’ve now covered chicken and fish. Quite simply, I’ve always wanted to incorporate fish bits in a project. I may have been inspired by the unique art which graces the walls of Joso’s restaurant and actually includes the odd piece of fish skin, along with a liberal dose of boobs and bottoms. But since they quite possibly make the best fish in Toronto, who am I to say what they should do with the leftovers.


  • watercolour paper
  • watercolour paints
  • brushes
  • plastic wrap
  • markers
  • fish bones & white glue (optional)


1. The first step is to create a textured, underwater world to paint your fish on, so think about the colours you would like to use. Next, dampen a sheet of watercolour paper with a wide brush and some water. Using watercolour paints, apply liberally to the dampened watercolour paper. A heavier weighted paper works best in order to avoid buckling from the extra water. Cut a piece of plastic wrap slightly larger than the paper. While the paint is still wet, lay the plastic wrap on top and gently move it about by squishing and pinching it here and there, making sure to apply pressure to some areas, while leaving others raised. Leave until paint is dry.

2. When the paint has dried, remove the plastic wrap and enjoy the wonderful textures that have been created in your underwater world. Now it’s time to add the fish using either paint or markers. You’ll notice in one of the photos, real fish bones have been added. If you would like to try this, the next time you have fish for dinner, gently wash the bones in soapy water and allow to dry. Add to your dried painting using white glue.


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5 responses to “Under The Sea

  1. Thank you. It was a fun idea. Maybe some earrings next?

  2. I’m thinking about epaulettes for a pirate-marionette. It’s next to ear too.

  3. I love the idea of using fishbones – who knew you can make it art 🙂 – kudos
    I saw u on the TCA – looking for fellow bloggers from Toronto area.
    I invite you to check out my blog

  4. Thanks Jacqueline. It’s always fun to get kids working with unexpected materials. Glad that TCA is up and running again. I enjoyed your blog and the many things you’ve been making.

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