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Monster Door Stops


I vanished once again, this time to Italy. And despite a pretty intense heat wave, it was amazing. One of our many stops included Sacro Bosco, also known as Parco dei Mostri (Park of Monsters). Now how could a name like that not inspire a project. This sculpture filled garden was conceived of in the 16th century by Pier Francesco Orsini in honour of his deceased wife, Giulia Farnese, and designed by Pirro Ligorio, with the sculptures by Simone Moschino. It was a wonderful and surreal environment to visit. So with only a short time until Halloween, I say bring on the monsters.

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Halloween Rocks


Of course it does! And here’s an easy way for kids to help out with the festivities, by making some fun and easy decorations of their own.

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Splatter Bugs


Here’s an idea for adding a little personality to those rocks you may be collecting over the summer.

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Punk Rocks


I couldn’t help myself.

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My Name Is

You can never run out of ideas for rock painting. It’s such a great activity, and who would have thought an Ikea duvet could provide inspiration (no Allen key required). The idea is to have kids pick up on some of the colours and design elements in their duvet, paint them on the rocks, add their name on top and proudly display them in their bedroom. Continue reading


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Stacking Stones

Humans have been stacking stones for an awfully long time. England’s Stonehenge was thought to be used as a burial site, and created as early as 2500BC. Inuksuks, made by the inhabitants of the Arctic region, were used as markers for travel routes and hunting grounds. Cairns have been found in Scandinavia as trail and sea marks, and in Somalia, to indicate tombs of former kings. Modern cairns are commonly used to indicate hiking trails, biking trails, or areas of possible danger. And some very patient people have even transformed rock balancing into performance art. These man-made stacks of stones and delicately balanced sculptures are truly fascinating things of beauty.

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Rock Painting

Rock painting is a wonderful way to get really creative. Your designs can be used as paper weights, door stops, colourful additions to your garden, or simply displayed and admired on a bookshelf.

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Colour Wheel Bugs

These cute bugs are a great way to teach young children about  primary and secondary colours.

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