Punk Rocks


I couldn’t help myself.


  • stones
  • acrylic paint & brush
  • black Sharpie
  • wool roving
  • toothpick or skewer
  • glue gun



1. Gather some stones, and make sure they are clean and dry before painting.

2. Acrylic paints are a great choice because they won’t wash off. Add paint, and once dry, use a Sharpie to add some facial features.


3. Here comes the fun part. Think back to late 70’s, when punk was at its peak, and mohawks ruled. You’ll likely need to show kids some images on the internet, so they can get inspired by the gravity defying hairstyles. Wool roving works really well for this. It’s easy to form spikes by rolling it between your fingers. Adding a little moisturizer to your hands helps.


The easiest way to attach the wool is to cut off the amount you’ll be using, add some glue to the stone with a glue gun, and press the wool on top. You may end up with some hot glue on your fingers, so this part should be done by an adult. Once the wool is attached, you can gently separate sections using a toothpick or skewer, and roll between your fingers to form spikes. Avoid pulling the wool or it may come off, but is easy to glue back on.




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48 responses to “Punk Rocks

  1. LOL! AWESOME! I can hear “The Clash” as I read this! ;oD You are so clever…

  2. You never cease to amaze me on what you create! These look like those little troll dolls I had when I was little where you would twist their hair then spin the dolls between your hands to make their hair fly crazy all over! Love what you have created!

    I was hoping you could help us out and pass the word that we helping the APL collect donations for their annual fundraiser called Pledge For Pets. This is our third year participating in this event as it is a great cause. If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation (in any amount), here is the link: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nikitaland/2013-doggy-dollars-kitty-kash If you can add our donation button to your sidebar, it would help us a lot! Hugs to you! ~Valerie ~

    • They do have the same type of hair as trolls! Just went to have a look at the mini one on my fridge.

      Good luck with your fundraising. It’s a wonderful cause. We adopted 2 kittens last year, but had to give them back the next day because of unexpected allergies. We were just heartbroken, and felt horrible about having to give them back. Fortunately, they were adopted, but still…

      • It is sad to have to let a pet go. This is our third year with this fundraiser and just hope to get more people involved. Any amount helps the animals who need our help! It all adds up for them!

  3. Well first of all – “what she said!” (the commenter above me!) I remember the trolls too and I adore all your creations – so different from the mainstream. I can see pre-teens going crazy over these because “cutesy” stuff won’t work for them! That is a hard age to entertain but once they see these – look out!
    PS I wish NikitaLand well on her fundraiser. I heartily support a local rescue where my own pets came from. Bless her!

  4. easycraftsforchildren

    Interesting, very clever 🙂

  5. Very cute 🙂 you are clever.

  6. igotthismartha

    These are so cute and clever!

  7. Hahaha! This just made my day and is going on my to-do list for sure! Now if only I could dig up a picture of my husband in his high school mohawk days…I’ve never even seen one! It’s just not fair!

    • Definitely not fair! You’ll need those photos to make your rocks, of course. I’m still hiding photos of my more colourful hair days from my kids.

      • I know his mom must have them somewhere…I can’t hide my colourful hair past, one of my friends convinced me to come back to the bright side, so I had violet purple hair for almost a year, and now it is blue, almost the same as the spiked blue ‘do I sported for my senior photo.

      • The bright side…I love it! I’m glad I enjoyed colourful hair when I did, because now I have an allergy to hair dye. My priority is no longer the colours of the rainbow but rather, how to hide that bloody grey that’s creeping in!

  8. They are so cute and fun! Love this idea!

  9. So cute. They make me smile. Love the hair!!

  10. This just made me smile. So cute! Just pinned!

  11. OMG, those are hysterical!

  12. These are so stinkin’ cute! I love them…way cuter than the Trolls! Thanks for sharing!

  13. These are a riot! I think I actually had hair like that in 1985! Thanks for sharing these adorable characters!

  14. Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh. You’re so creative.

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    ❤ Christina at I Gotta Create!

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  16. These punk rocks are such kitchy cool fun! Thank you for sharing them on A Crafty Soiree, I’ve featured them in this week’s newest. It will be up on Thursday and I hope you’ll come by to see it and share more of your creativity!

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  18. Those are very creative. I could see kids writing a story and acting it out to go with the rocks.

  19. These are so fun!! I love them! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  20. I featured your “rock people” at this week’s party which starts soon. Thanks for linking up and hope you have more fun stuff for us this week. Linda

  21. These have been featured on Serenity Saturday Link party

    Natasha @ http://www.serenityyou.com

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