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Bits And Bobs Mosaic


It was on this day in 1852, that Spanish Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi, was born. His unique and imaginative style can be seen in the magnificent church, the Sagrada Família, and Parc Güell, where mosaics cover benches and ceilings throughout the property. It was amazing to see his work on a visit to Barcelona several years ago, and interesting to see how his designs were inspired by the things he was most passionate about, like nature. Children can easily incorporate meaningful objects they’ve gathered, along with mosaic tiles, to truly personalize this project. So gather up your bits and bobs, so we can celebrate the wonderful world of Gaudi. 

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Mosaic Heart Box


It seems we have Mr. Richard Cadbury to thank for introducing the first heart shaped chocolate box, unveiled back in February, 1861. These boxes became all the rage, and their much admired lid designs made them popular for storing household items once the chocolates ran out. In keeping with that tradition, here’s a little project to help children make their own mosaic heart box, for storing their chocolates and treasures.

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Mosaic Space Invaders

Remember the arcade video game Space Invaders? It was released in the late 70’s, and become incredibly popular in the 80’s. The purpose of the game is to defeat attacking aliens with a canon, and it’s these aliens that inspired French street artist, Invader, to make mosaics of the characters and place them in urban settings around the world. These little aliens are very simple to reproduce, and perfect for children to try their hand at working with mosaics tiles.

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Mosaic Frame

My lovely 10 year old daughter (chef) and I (sous chef) made this mosaic frame which required a great deal of perseverance, lots of good music, and loads of optimism because at times it felt like we’d never reach the end! We completed our frame in small increments over four months, and felt quite proud considering we’re pretty much self-taught and managed to avoid any disasters. Of course the best part is we now have a proper home for Susie Faber’s print of the lovely Miss Flanagan.

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