Delicious Nonsense: Queen of Hearts Card Project

What could be more delicious than Tim Burton interpreting the magical children’s story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? A strange story will now become even stranger I’m sure. This inspired me to come up with a project involving the Queen of Hearts, who so torments poor Alice. 



  • Queen of hearts playing card
  • matboard
  • scotch tape
  • 3D dots
  • drawings of head, arms, legs, etc. 
  • markers
  • glue stick

Dollar stores are a great place to pick up a deck of cards, and since there is only one Queen of Hearts, you can always use the other cards to make her soldiers. 3D Dots can be found in art supply or scrapbooking stores.

Queen of Hearts parts:


1. I cut my board 7 1/2″ x 6″, but any size that fits the playing card is fine.

2. You now need to add the arms, legs and head to the card. You can either come up with your own drawings, get inspired by Tenniel’s original illustrations from the book, or from the images in the movie. See links above for images. You can even scrap the idea of Alice all together and put photographs of yourself, your friends, or turn it into a very funny family portrait by placing several cards in a row.

3. Once you have completed your drawings or selected images you would like to use, cut them out and attach them to the card by adding tape to the back. Add some 3D Dots to the back of the card. I put one in each corner, as well as behind the head, arms, and legs. 

4. You can now decorate the background. Why not get inspired by the story and add some hearts, red roses, or mini playing cards? You can either glue these down, or choose to add dots to some of them for a 3D effect. Make sure you like your layout before sticking anything on to the board.


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