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Image Transfers


Acrylic Mediums alter acrylic paint in all sorts of interesting ways. Pouring Medium, for instance, allows the paint to flow so it can be poured onto surfaces, and dry without cracking. I used this medium to make Halloween SkinsPumpkin Decorations, and some Gerhard Richter inspired paintings. 

Another medium, Glass Beads Gel, adds a glossy, bead-like texture to your work, and can be mixed with acrylics or added on top. This medium added a perfect finish for Painting A Galaxy, and a fun texture to Puzzle Piece Pins.

Recently, I picked up some Acrylic Gel Medium which not only alters the texture of acrylic paint, but enables you to transfer printed images onto other surfaces, making it ideal for creating layers in collages and mixed media. In this instance, I simply used it as an adhesive to transfer images onto a box and future pencil holder. It turned out to be super easy to work with.

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Bumpy Pencil Holders

At one point, I had a serious addiction to wasabi peas. For two years I easily went through a tin a night, which had my husband pointing me in the direction of Chinatown for cheaper alternatives. Not being one to throw anything out that has the potential of being transformed into an arts and crafts project, I ended up with hundreds of wasabi pea tins in my basement. No joke. Do the math. Naturally I had to come up with various projects to make use of them, one of which was the bumpy pencil holder. Children have really enjoyed making them, but of course there are only so many bumpy pencil holders one can make. The remaining tins were eventually donated and I have now moved on to chips.

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