ArtsBeat: McDonald’s Mummy

Mummy by Ben Campbell. Photo:

There are many interesting  tales about McDonald’s food and its inability to decay in a normal fashion. Enter artist Ben Campbell, who has been busy exploring the connection between modern society and ancient Egypt, and our ongoing quest for eternal life. He decided to make a life-size mummy using McDonald’s rot-proof McDoubles and fries to illustrate his point: whether we use mummification  and pyramids, or botox and preservatives, we are all apparently obsessed with immortality. Campbell created a delightful paste by drying the food, running it through a blender, and combining it with a clear epoxy resin. He then filled up his molds and created his mummy.

Will it outlast the McDonald’s empire? That remains to be seen, but judging by other McDonald’s food experiments, it should be around for a few years, and you now have a great story to tell the kids next time they nag you for a Happy Meal.

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