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Puppets With No Strings Attached

I had a hole in my glove one winter, and as I waited for yet another pick up after yet another drop off, I got bored. I exposed my thumb and drew a face on it, developed the urge to speak with a Spanish accent, and baptized my new finger puppet Esteban. I tormented my children with Esteban for an entire winter until I finally retired my glove with great reluctance, and took this photo as a memento of his short but splendid life.

Puppets have been around for thousands of years. While they are thought to have originated in India some 4000 years ago, they have popped up in many other cultures. Think Punch and Judy (England), Shadow Puppets (Indonesia), Punchinello (Italy), and The Muppets (United States). Here’s an opportunity to make some popsicle stick puppets and allow their personalities to sprout from your imagination, just as Esteban did from mine.

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