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Origami 101


Dior Haute Couture photo courtesy of: my.opera.com/ mystyle/blog/ch


This breathtaking creation was part of John Galliano’s Spring/Summer 2007 haute couture collection for Christian Dior. It’s also a perfect example of how origami can be an incredible medium for artistic expression. Children love it, and it provides an excellent way to develop their fine motor skills, patience, sequential learning and attention to detail. It requires understanding some basic terminology and symbols, and after that, it’s about practice, precision and patience. Children find it incredibly rewarding once they have understood the basics. They easily memorize instructions to simpler designs, and need nothing more than some beautiful paper to execute them and impress those around them. For years, I have carried origami paper in my purse to rescue children from the boredom of lineups and restaurants. My children have literally left a paper trail.

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