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ArtsBeat: Punk And Patti


Punk…because a new show will be opening this May at the MET called Punk: Chaos To Couture. From punk’s origins in New York and London, to its ongoing influence on high-end fashion, the show promises to take us on an interesting journey through these two worlds.

Patti…because “the patron saint of punk”, Patti Smith, came to town recently to promote her exhibition Camera Solo at the AGO.  The legendary musician, artist, and poet also gave a concert to commemorate the 24th anniversary of the death of her friend Robert Mapplethorpe. It was Continue reading

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Victorian Photocollage

The Art of Victorian Photocollage is an amusing exhibition currently on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In the mid to late 1800’s as photography became increasingly popular, aristocratic women began creating unusual collages by placing photographs of human heads on, among other things, animal bodies. These were then placed in imaginary landscapes which were typically watercolours they had made. This created humorous, and often bizarre results. I had children use images of their favorite musicians to create collages in the same vein as these Victorian photocollages.

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