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Chalk Mandalas


Many cultures and religions throughout the world use Mandalas as spiritual teaching tools. Their use is rooted in eastern religious traditions, but has also been adopted by the west, as a way of focussing the mind, and encouraging transformation and healing.

Making a chalk mandala is my farewell to summer, and a reluctant welcome to the fall. It is also a wonderful form of creative self-expression, and hopefully something kids will explore on paper as well.

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Keith Haring Graffiti Chalk Drawings

Radiant Baby by Keith Haring. Photo: http://www.haring.com

Happy birthday to Keith Haring, who would have been 52 years old today. Haring was an American artist who was an influential member of New York’s alternative art community. His work was very influenced by graffiti, and found in public spaces as well as on canvas. In fact, it was his hundreds of white chalk drawings made in the New York City subway system that first brought him to the public’s attention. Haring was committed to making his artwork available to a large audience, and was a strong supporter of children’s programs, which continue to be funded through his foundation. In the spirit of his Radiant Baby, let’s create some chalk drawings.

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