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Stepping Back In Time

Ontario Specialty Co.

I grew up in a small town that actually had a general store. While this may conjure up images of one room schoolhouses and Laura Ingalls, I promise you it wasn’t that long ago, and I did not call my parents Ma and Pa. The shop pictured above, however, is exactly what it reminded me of.  It’s on Church Street in Toronto and has been around since 1939; the interior seems to confirm that.

It’s a gem of a store and when you enter, it really does feel like you’re stepping back in time. It’s a great place to take your kids for a visit and show them what kind of toys used to be popular. There are lots of wind up toys, a serious collection of sunglasses, as well as a nice selection of faux vomit and plastic poo. I have no problem fessing up to the fact that I owned at least one of those at some point in my life, and yes, it brought me great joy.

Be warned, you might end up hearing things like: “It winds up and moves forward? That’s it? No laser? I can’t connect with it?” Welcome to the past.

If you want to teach the young’uns about general stores, it’s all here:

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Rubber Band Ball

Every morning, a skinny brown elastic band comes wrapped around my newspaper. Others make their way home on broccoli stalks and asparagus. Those are the much coveted beefy ones that come in bright colours. Sadly, I think about these things. In the past, they were either thrown out or tossed in a drawer until a mission came their way. Now, all that’s changed.

I live in a home where golf balls roam, and one day I saw an opportunity: “Balls + Elastics!” I said to myself. My results are rather pitiful when you consider that the ball above represents several years commitment, but that’s because I basically settle for whatever elastics come my way. I do not actively hunt them down, which reassures me that bizarre activities will not get the better of me. Continue reading


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Careful What You Wish For

The New Year tends to fill us with the inexplicable need to explore what are usually short-lived activities, hence my new blog. And what better way to welcome you than with an introduction to my son’s version of the Family Portrait. That would be me on the upper right, bearing a disturbing resemblance to the Venus of Willendorf. On the left, as you can see, I very clearly have a husband, and below are my two children who are responsible for motivating me to do this. If I hadn’t had little ones to scrunch crêpe paper with, my creative radar would be out of order, and I would most likely be found decomposing in an uninspiring  job with ‘rescue me’ stamped on my forehead.

My goal is to post fairly consistently about arts and crafts projects for children; naturally, adults can play too. Some projects are my own, inspired by what I see around me, while others have been done a million times over but are still worth exploring. I hope you’ll be inspired to make something and look forward to your feedback; successes and disasters welcome. Thanks for visiting.

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