Careful What You Wish For

The New Year tends to fill us with the inexplicable need to explore what are usually short-lived activities, hence my new blog. And what better way to welcome you than with an introduction to my son’s version of the Family Portrait. That would be me on the upper right, bearing a disturbing resemblance to the Venus of Willendorf. On the left, as you can see, I very clearly have a husband, and below are my two children who are responsible for motivating me to do this. If I hadn’t had little ones to scrunch crêpe paper with, my creative radar would be out of order, and I would most likely be found decomposing in an uninspiring  job with ‘rescue me’ stamped on my forehead.

My goal is to post fairly consistently about arts and crafts projects for children; naturally, adults can play too. Some projects are my own, inspired by what I see around me, while others have been done a million times over but are still worth exploring. I hope you’ll be inspired to make something and look forward to your feedback; successes and disasters welcome. Thanks for visiting.

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