Painted Acorns


Acorns, those lovely little oak tree droppings, can easily be found this time of year. Head outside with your little ones, and have them fill their pockets with these treasures, so they can come home and paint them. 


  • acorns
  • acrylic paint and fine brushes
  • white glue



  1. Gather some acorns. Wash and dry them.
  2. The nuts are slippery little buggers, and much easier to paint when attached to the cup. If they do separate, you can add a little white glue to the inside to secure the nut. Paint using acrylics and some fine brushes. Whatever kids choose to paint will be great because anything in miniature looks adorable.



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24 responses to “Painted Acorns

  1. What a colourful idea. The acorns look lovely. Thank youi

  2. What beauties! Fabulous idea!

  3. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. hicamie

    I’m so impressed!

  5. Is there a process for cleaning , before painting ? These are beautiful ! 😊

  6. I’ve painted stones before with the grandkids and discovered that the best part is hunting for them outside! This idea will work too. We live on a wooded lot – mostly oak trees, acorns falling like crazy now – and squirrels everywhere! I wonder if nestling these in a blob of play dough would keep them secure and make painting easier for the kids?

  7. pk1homeschoolfun

    My backyard is FILLED with acorns and I’m always thinking that if I were more creative I could come up with something to do with all of them. Alas, this post is perfect. I feel an acorn painting party with my little girls coming soon. Thanks so much, these are beautiful 🙂

  8. Sweet acorns. I’m going to add them to an acorn roundup I did this Fall also. Very cute. Linda @Crafts a la mode

  9. wow, gorgeous! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  10. This is so clever! I loved acorns when I was a child–where I live now we don’t have many oak trees:(.

  11. Jann Olson

    Wow, these are really gorgeous! When I first saw them I thought that they were glass ornaments. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. craftymomsshare

    Thank you for sharing at Crafty Weekends!! I am featuring these beautiful acorns this week. I hope you will be back to share with us again!

  13. USS Crafty

    So pretty! I love the color combinations you used. Thanks for sharing at the Submarine Sunday Link Party! I hope you’ll stop by again soon!!

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