Graffiti Friday #31


Artist: unknown
Location: Limoges, France
Photo: Bella Manu

A little graffiti in celebration of the long awaited Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.







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2 responses to “Graffiti Friday #31

  1. My twin 6 year old grandsons are the ultimate Star Wars fans – so of course, I recognized these guys right away! Love the creativity! That spooky guy in the brown hood with yellow eyes is my fave out of this batch (being a big fan of Halloween!). I’d love to see him standing on my porch looking for treats! Cool Yoda sign too!

    • How wonderful that your grandsons are fans. My son was as well, and had an entire cupboard devoted to Star Wars books, movies, lightsabers, and all sorts of trinkets.

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