ArtsBeat: Gumhead


Contemporary artist and writer, Douglas Coupland, has a couple of shows going on in Toronto at both the Royal Ontario Museum and the Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art. 

He also has a seven-foot resin and polyester sculpture of his head located smack dab in the middle of a high-end men’s retail store, where a gum ball machine beckons you to participate and help transform the head, by adding colourful bits of chewed gum. Beats sticking it under the desk at school.




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4 responses to “ArtsBeat: Gumhead

  1. This would go over really well in a junior high school! Kinda yucky to me, but I give him credit for something really off the wall!

  2. sarinal

    Wow, that’s kinda gross!! It looks amazing though, and as Joyce above me has said it would go great in a junior school! And it’s colourful, so I can’t hate it…But wow. Gross.

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