Drawing The Alphabet


In a few weeks, kids will head back to school, where new and exciting things will be explored, and this project fits right in. Drawing the alphabet is a great way for wee ones to learn their letters, and for older kids to try their hand at designing their own. Many themes can be used to make your ABC’s look awesome, like crazy creatures, patterns, plants, even celebrations like Halloween or Christmas.


  • paper
  • pencil & eraser
  • ruler
  • markers, pencil crayons or paint


Need some inspiration? Have a look at these great ideas:

Pattern Alphabet

Food Alphabet

Animal Alphabets

Beatles Alphabet

Landscape Alphabet

Floral Alphabet

Monster Alphabets

Ground Beef Alphabet


1. Take a piece of thick paper and decide where you will place all 26 letters of the alphabet. Use a pencil and ruler to make any necessary lines. You can even measure out a grid to make things easier, and erase it once the letters have been completed.

2. Choose a theme, and do some sketching to come up with letter designs and colour combinations. Draw the final ones onto the paper with a pencil. Colour them in using markers, pencil crayons, or paint, and save any outlining for last. We mounted ours on a canvas board which had previously been painted, and looked great with the colours we had chosen for the letters. Then hang up your fabulous alphabet poster on the wall and enjoy.



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12 responses to “Drawing The Alphabet

  1. M

    oh so cool will give this try. here we go. Thanks for the idea and for the awesome post idea! I work on my art and this is the idea on how to improve.

  2. M

    What kind of markers are these?

  3. Oh those were fun to see! I thought the landscape ones were gorgeous!

  4. Very cool! I could not do it free hand….I would need a stencil.
    Stopping by from the weekend blog hop

  5. I love the monster alphabet examples. With some googly eyes we could have a lot of fun with this! 😉

  6. I’ve always loved letters and numbers! Reminds me of all the templates I used to use on my scrapbooking pages. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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