Polka Dot Bookmarks


These bookmarks are inspired by the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, who has a real fondness, if not obsession, with polka dots of every size and colour imaginable. She’s covered everything from floors and canvasses, to naked assistants, but I’m not sure she ever made it to bookmarks. These will, no doubt, make the perfect accompaniment to all those books on your child’s summer reading list.


  • white card stock or similar
  • scrap paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • ruler
  • craft knife
  • cutting mat
  • markers
  • circle template
  • scissors



1. Take a moment to explore Yayoi Kusama’s fascinating world of polka dots. Then use your circle template, and on some scrap paper, explore a variety of patterns made with the circles.


2. When you’ve made your choices, divide a piece of white card stock into rectangular sections, to roughly define the size of the bookmarks you want to make. Using a pencil, fill each section with a design.


3. Colour the designs in with markers, and once finished, cut them out. You can laminate them to help them last longer, and even add colourful yarn at the top, to create a tassel. Just use a hole punch to make a small hole near the top, and loop the yarn through. Happy reading!








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14 responses to “Polka Dot Bookmarks

  1. I love polka dots too, and these are really cool. Perfect for a “quiet time” activity for kids during endless summer months. And then, when they’re done with the bookmarks, you tell them to go find a book to stick it inside of and start reading! Wish I had thought of this years ago!

  2. I really do miss the days when my kids were young enough to enjoy these kinds of activities. I’ll just have to patiently wait for grand children!

  3. Create and quite stunning! Thanks for sharing. PS Found you from Someday Craft’s link party today.

  4. These look really fun, simple but really lovely effects.
    They’d be great to personalise as gifts too. Great idea.

  5. Wow! Those are super cool! I think my son would love to do something like this!

  6. Fantastic project, thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  7. Always love polka dots. They just make me happy! Cute! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  8. Thank you for sharing this post at City of Creative Dream’s City of Links on Friday! I appreciate you taking the time to party with me. Hope to see you again today 🙂

  9. sarinal

    These look great, I’m surprised I never considered this! They look really fun, and I have so many books I could use these for… And I do love polka dots…

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