Paper Snowflakes


Snowflakes are such a beautiful symbol of winter. You can even admire their intricate patterns with the naked eye. Physicist Wilson Alwyn Bentley was fascinated by them, and became one of the first people to photograph them back in the late 1800’s, capturing more than 5000 amazing images in his lifetime. He wrote numerous articles and books including Snow Crystals, and there’s even a children’s book chronicling his life, called Snowflake Bentley by Jaqueline Briggs Martin.

Another great resource for learning more about snowflakes is, where physics professor Kenneth Liebbrecht explores everything you need to know about them, offers great activities for kids, and ponders the question: Is it true that no two snowflakes are alike?

This should provide plenty of inspiration for making paper snowflakes. Just make sure the scissors you use are sharp, so cutting the paper is easier.


  • sheets of square paper
  • scissors


Origami paper is great for making snowflakes because it comes in squares, so no cutting is required on your part. It also comes in a wonderful variety of patterns and colours. Newspaper, printer paper, and old wrapping paper are also great choices.

The following steps will enable you to make snowflakes with six sides, as they are found in nature.


Step 1 – Begin with a square piece of paper.


Step 2 – Fold it diagonally to form a triangle.


Step 3 – Fold the triangle in half.


Step 4 – Imagine the bottom of the triangle divided into thirds. Take the left side and fold it over to the “two thirds” point, while maintaining a point at the top.


Step 5 – Fold the right side over to the “one third” point.


Step 6 – Cut along the bottom edge to remove the small lower triangles. The upper part is used for making the snowflakes.


Allow children to cut notches and shapes along the length of the paper.


Through trial and error, they’ll gain an understanding of how to control the outcome, so you’ll need plenty of paper on hand 😉 .

There are also plenty of sites with patterns and templates like these ones:



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22 responses to “Paper Snowflakes

  1. Thanks! Paper snowflakes are fun to make!

  2. Love snowflakes, they are always bringing joy and party with them 🙂 thank you for wonderful inspiration!

  3. Beautiful! I try so hard to make mine come out “right”. Thanks!

  4. That is such a clever useful tip to make snowflakes more authentic with six sides. I’m going to bookmark this.

  5. I agree…snowflakes are a blast to make. My daughter really got into making them this year. I’m your newest facebook follower. I wanted to thank you for stopping by Posed Perfection and leaving me a sweet comment on my Girly Birthday Party themes post. I hope you’ll visit again soon and maybe even follow me back. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • So glad you came by to visit Nici. I went back to your blog and just loved the story about your wedding. It was so lovely, so moving, and really funny. Loved the salsa part!

  6. These are so pretty! Thank you for sharing with us on the Share It Saturday Linky party! Look forward to your links in coming weeks!

  7. Very fun idea to do with kids! It would be great if you would come share it at my Funday Sunday Link Party that will open this Saturday at! Hope to see you there!

  8. Diana Rambles


  9. You have made some really gorgeous ones. We love to use them for winter decor!

  10. We love this! Thanks for linking it up to our crafty showcase! We are featuring you today!

  11. I love making these snowflakes. These are beautiful!! This is one of my fun winter projects that I do with my students. They have so much fun, but our custodian not so much. LOL Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week. I hope you are having a great week.

  12. Hi,

    I’m one of the editors at and I just wanted to reach out to you, as I’ve noticed that one of our editors is interested in featuring your projects on our site. I think they’re great projects that our readers will just love to make. This will easily bring traffic to your site and allow others to see what’s new on your site.

    We would love to add more of your projects to our site, so feel free to let us know as you add or create projects. We are always looking for Christmas projects so if you have any of these please feel free to send them my way or let us know if you prefer we not link to you. We also feature projects from our website on our blogs, eBooks and e-mail newsletters.

    Your projects are great and we know our readers will enjoy them. With that said, can we have permission to link to any project on your site as well as use the image? We will credit you, of course.


    Kathryn (you can contact me at kwright @ primecp. com) (no spaces)

  13. Beautiful! We are planning an indoor snow party tomorrow and will be making some of these. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  14. Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing your inspirational craft with our Crafty Showcase last week! You rock!

    We can’t wait for you to stop in and share more of your ideas with us. The Crafty Showcase is open from Friday midnight until Thursday noon!

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Susie @Bowdabra

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