Stalling For Time…With A Few Photos Of France

That pretty much captures how I felt about coming home from a wonderful holiday in France. I can’t seem to yank my head out of holiday mode despite reality inducing activities such as laundry and work, so until I get my act together and make some projects, I thought I’d share a few photos with you. This desperate looking creature resides on the magnificent front façade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Vides greniers are a cross between a flea market and a yard sale, and the french countryside is filled with them this time of year. There were plenty of the skeleton keys and tin boxes I hoped to find, and they cost next to nothing.

Same with these wonderful old post cards. I loved reading what people had written to each other so many years ago, and picked up a few of them to frame.

They were everywhere…

…as were hydrangeas and stones walls.

Moving on to Paris, which wins hands down for the most interesting garbage cans. There’s a project in this right?

I had a thing for flea markets this trip, and visited the well known Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen in Paris. It’s a magical maze of lanes filled with amazing things from the past, and would probably take weeks to get through.

It has the largest number of antique dealers and second hand furniture dealers in the world, and has also become a major tourist attraction, hence the prices.

Inspiration for Diagon Alley?

This was taken at Père Lachaise Cemetery, which is so beautiful to walk around in, and where we saw some of the more famous graves like those of Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf.

A very cool clock sculpture by Arman, outside the Gare St. Lazare train station.

Officials takes pity on those Parisians who can’t get away from the hoards of summer tourists like us, so they truck in tonnes of sand and set up temporary beaches along the Seine. It’s called Paris Plages.

Le Pont des Arts is one of several bridges covered with thousands of love locks or cadenas d’amour. They have been appearing across Europe since the early 2000’s, and the sheer number of locks is amazing to see.

That’s it for my stalling. I’ll be back shortly with a new project…



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2 responses to “Stalling For Time…With A Few Photos Of France

  1. I loved reading this! It is a sense of France that travel books don’t ever offer. And if Harry Potter was an illustrated series, your photo of “Diagon Alley” would serve it well! My favorite, though, is the curious little gargoyle nestled forever in the protective recesses of Notre Dame Cathedral. I can’t quite read the expression on his face!
    Thanks for a great post…can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Thanks Joyce! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I guess I’m fortunate in that I’ve been to France many times, so while I still head to some of the major tourist attractions, I also do things that are not so typical…just for a change. And it’s thanks to family I have there, that I was able to explore the flea markets in the countryside. Always something new to discover 🙂

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