ArtsBeat: OCAD Grad Show 2012

Gross Reality by Mason Mummery

Every year, I look forward to seeing OCAD University’s graduate exhibition. On display is work from over 500 graduating students, from twelve undergraduate programs. I always leave inspired by what I’ve seen, and filled with ideas that I look forward to exploring with children. Here are a few things I loved.

Gross Reality by Mason Mummery

There were 140 of these amazing characters spread out in the corner of a room. The artist used Sculpey, acrylic paint, and orphaned socks to clothe their little bodies. What was behind it all? “By creating art about mortality, I may acquire insight into the meaning of life.”

Anxious Clusters by Kayla Barbeau

Anxious Clusters by Kayla Barbeau

Kayla Barbeau‘s beautiful watercolours were filled with unexpected surprises when viewed up close. She explored Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon in which the human mind seeks to find the familiar in random visual stimulus. Like when you start seeing a face in the front grill of a car, or in an electrical socket.

Bound by Theresa Duong

In Theresa Duong‘s words “The binding of a book is like a wise author who pieces together fragments to construct a book’s entirety, giving it order, sequence, and meaning. By recreating, repurposing and repositioning the book form, these parts are held together created for a purpose into their ordained place of perfect design.”

Feathered Flâneurs by Alexia Bilyk

Alexia Bilyx interprets ideas put forth by Courtney Humphries, and explores the assumption that natural habitats provide the best environment for animals. She looks at how pigeons defy that expectation by choosing to live in cities, which provide convenient access to food and shelter. The paper city she created was pretty amazing.


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