ArtsBeat: Alexa Meade Messing With Dimensions

Natura Morta by Alexa Meade. Image:

Have a really good look at this image before dismissing it as just another painting, because it’s not. The woman is real! Need some convincing? Click through to see another image of it.

Natura Morta by Alexa Meade. Image:

Turns out the “painting” is really an installation by artist Alexa Meade. She specializes in creating amazing visual illusions by painting directly on the human subjects and material objects in her installations. Once photographed, “the 3D space of her painted scenes become optically compressed into a 2D plane.” Pretty cool idea.


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2 responses to “ArtsBeat: Alexa Meade Messing With Dimensions

  1. Vera

    I have never seen such a fabulous “Painting” I love this so much. Vee

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