Fabergé Ornaments

Remove all thoughts of that cheesy perfume from the seventies and think eggs, exquisite, luxurious Russian made eggs. Peter Carl Fabergé was a famous Russian artist-jeweller, and the creative genius behind the House of Fabergé, makers of fine jewelry, accessories and silverware. His immense talents came to the attention of Tzar Alexander III, who appointed him goldsmith and jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court. A commission for an Imperial Easter egg soon followed, and because of its impressive design, technical innovation and craftsmanship, lead to the commission of others. These luxurious eggs were considered masterpieces made with precious metals, gem stones and enamel. Some even opened up to reveal surprises in the centre like miniature carriages or ships. Today, they are considered some of the most important art treasures ever made, and serve as the perfect inspiration for making ornaments.

Here are some great sites where you can view images of Fabergé eggs. You can also do a Google search and look at the images there:







  • paper  mâché egg shaped base
  • ribbons
  • rhinestones
  • white glue
  • glue gun
  • acrylic paint
  • pin hook for hanging ornament
  • decorative thread for hanging ornament
  • tweezers
  • hole punch and paper


1. Look at images of Fabergé eggs on the internet or in books, paying attention to the intricate details and magnificent colours that were used. Now consider what colours you would like to work with, and gather a selection of appropriate ribbons and rhinestones. You can also work with hole punches and decorative papers, delicate fabric flowers, etc.

2. Choose a base colour and paint the paper mâché egg. These eggs can be found in craft stores and art supply stores. Metallic paints are very festive for this time of year and are a great choice for painting the egg. Since these eggs tend to roll around on tables, resting them on an egg carton or the inside of a chocolate box helps to keep them in place while they dry.

3. Decide on the pattern you would like to create, and begin by adding the ribbons. Place them so the endings are either at the bottom of the egg, or if on top, covered by something decorative (see photos below). Flatter ribbons should be glued down first, and thicker ones last. I would recommend using white glue for fine, transparent ribbons since the glue will be flat and transparent once dry. A glue gun can be used for thicker ones since any unexpected clumps of glue won’t show through. Allow the ribbons to dry.

4. A trip to a bead store will turn up all sorts of wonderful rhinestones and decorations to add to the egg. If using rhinestones, place small dots of glue on the egg, and add the rhinestones using tweezers. I was able to find an interesting accessory to place on top to hide where the ribbons end (see photo below). You’ll also need to add a hook to the top of the egg for attaching thread. This was also found at a bead shop, but you can also make this using a piece of wire. However, you’ll need to make a hole first by hammering a thin nail through the top. When you add the hook, put a small amount of glue on it so it stays in place.

5. Finally, attach a decorative thread to hang the ornament.



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23 responses to “Fabergé Ornaments

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  2. Faberge eggs are so beautiful. What a great idea to make your own into ornaments. Also, might be a great gift idea.

  3. found you via top mommy blogs – these are gorgeous – I got inspired by the idea of the faberge egg too, but I simply used round foam balls – feel free to pop across – I love visitors!


  4. Thanks so much. I’m on my way to have a visit…

  5. clayer

    Love your blog!

    I have a major new year’s resolution — to take a photo a day and compellingly explain the visual… think i can do it? I hope you walk with me in the journey!


  6. Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your photo a day and your journey. Looking great so far!

  7. These are beautiful. I love all the detail you put into them. Great job!

  8. These are so beautiful! I think with your detailed instructions we might even try to make some (or at least something similar…I have a feeling ours won’t look quite as elegant :D) Thanks for sharing ’em at our Sunday Show and Tell Linky Party!

  9. Gorgeous ornaments! What a great idea!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  10. These turned out gorgeous! I’d love these all over my tree.

  11. Great faberge fake! Thanks for joining the party at One Creative Weekend! I hope you have a great weekend.

  12. You’ve gone and made another fantastic creation. These are absolutely beautiful! I always get a lift to see what you’re up to ~ so creative =)

    Thanks so much for linking up,
    ❤ Christina at I Gotta Create!

  13. So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  14. Oh, these are gorgeous! I want to make some for my tree. Thanks so much for the great tutorial. You’ve given me another project to add to my list. I love them!! Thanks for sharing.


  15. I love this idea! I will be making these since I have found the edgings at Hobby Lobby which can be used in so many different ways. I have some narrow lacy edging with mini pearls. Can’t wait to see what I will produce. Oh you have sparked my creativity!

  16. Anonymous

    Oh my, Oh my, these are a “Must Make” project.
    I am going to go and get all the items I need to make these beautiful eggs/ decorations. As summer vacation is here it’ll be a great project to do with my Grandkids whether we are outside or in.
    Can’t wait!
    Thank You so much for this great idea 😀

  17. Mary Michelle Bromberger

    Love these, used to do it with the old Legg eggs that you got nylons in. I believe I still have some in my ever increasing stash. Know what I am going to be doing in the next few nights. Thank you, Mary

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