All Thumbs

Some people have the ability to use both hands with equal skill, and are referred to as ambidextrous. This occurs naturally in about 1 in every 100 people. Others teach themselves out of curiosity or necessity, following an injury or illness.

This clumsy challenge involves drawing with your non-dominant hand, and while it may leave you feeling somewhat ham-fisted and uncoordinated, it will also leave you thoroughly impressed by those who can do it all with both hands.


  • paper
  • markers


1. Explain to children that most people have a dominant hand, the one they feel more comfortable doing things with, such as writing or picking something up. Have them determine if they are right handed or left handed, then instruct them to use their non-dominant hand for drawing.

2. On a piece of paper, have children draw a flower, a face, an animal, and anything else that comes to mind. For an extra challenge, have them write a few words or colour some things in. You’ll find staying within the lines is not so easy.

Why not keep a notebook to practice drawing and writing with your non-dominant hand.  Make daily entries and watch your progress!

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