Puzzling Invitations

This is a terrific idea for a birthday party invitation and if  your child is old enough to write, he or she is old enough to proudly enjoy making these on their own. And now, a word of advice anonymously lurking on the internet and worthy of sharing, if you didn’t already instinctively know:

“Let Us Spray”

A joy of which I’ll not partake
Is eating children’s birthday cake.
To “blow out” candles, in a word,
Is really patently absurd:
Each puff contains sufficient moisture
To propagate your av’rage oyster.
So, Birthday-Boy and ditto-Daughter,
Withhold from me your whiff of water.
I do not need some little squirt
To atomize on my dessert.
Among the things I will not do
Is have my cake and drink it, too.



Simply write out your party information on the blank puzzle with some colourful markers, break it apart and place in a bag. Tie with a nice ribbon, and you’re all set to hand out your unique invitations. You can also tie a tag on the outside with the person’s name on it. Remember, the time consuming part of doing the writing can be a great opportunity for younger children to practice their writing skills, and using thick markers will speed things up.

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