Everything But The Kitchen Sink Collage

Charlene by Robert Rauschenberg, 1954. Photo from: http://sauer-thompson.com

This type of collage is referred to as assemblage or ‘combine’ and involves combining objects not normally used as art materials, on painted canvas surfaces. If you look carefully at the image above by American artist Robert Rauschenberg, you will notice pieces of cloth, newspapers, and even a flattened umbrella.

Now it’s your turn to look around your environment, and think about what you might like to combine on a canvas. As the title of this post implies, anything goes!


  • canvas board
  • white glue
  • items to use in your collage
  • paint (optional)


Canvas boards are an ideal surface to make this collage on. They can be found in dollar stores and are hard enough to withstand quite a bit of weight, depending on what you’re using in your collage. Assemble all the items you would like to use and play around with them on your canvas. Once you’re happy with the layout, you can glue them on. If you’re using paint, it can be added at any point during this process.

Some collage examples by well known artists:

Jean Dubuffet

Georges Braque

Pablo Picasso

Kasimir Malevich

Juan Gris


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