Something Fishy

This origami fish was shown earlier in my Japanese Paper Collages post, and here are the instructions on how to make it. This design involves some cutting, which purists consider to be a form of sacrilege. I recommend you embrace your inner rebel, make those incisions, and enjoy the possibilities they bring.


  • origami paper
  • mini hole punch for eyes
  • scissors

Fish Instructions
(Design from Origami Paper Animals)

1. Begin with white side up.
2. Valley fold in half diagonally and unfold.
3. Fold and unfold the lower edges to the center crease.
4. Fold and unfold the upper edges.
5. Fold both corners up using the creases you have already made.
6. It should look like this.
7. Cut along center crease from bottom to center.
8. Mountain fold your design in half, towards the back.
9. Valley fold one point down vertically.
10. Mountain fold this point to the other side, and turn your design over.
11. Turn your design over.
12. Fold the center point to the left.
13. Now fold it back to the right.
14. Take the left point and fold it down vertically.

15. Mountain fold this point over to the other side.

16. Create a mountain fold, followed by a valley fold a bit further away to create a pleat fold.

17. Slide it in between the first two layers.

18. Fold triangle down vertically.

19. Turn your design over.

20. Now fold this large triangle down vertically.

21. Flip your design over and fold the end of the tail up vertically. Unfold.

22. Fold tail up on other side. Unfold.

23. Reverse fold your point inside, and cut along the center fold.

24. Fold the top point down. You have now completed your fish. Use your hole punch to make an eye.


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