Blending In

I keep finding beautiful, smooth stones at the beach which I can’t resist bringing home. This time, I thought it would be cool to make them blend into a child’s artwork by attaching small, lightweight stones, and painting them with similar colours.


  • smooth stones
  • canvas board
  • acrylic paints
  • markers (optional)
  • brushes
  • glue


1. Paint a selection of smooth stones with white acrylic paint. Allow to dry. Colours will be stronger when added to a white base.

2. Have children make a painting on a canvas board using acrylic paints. These paints will eventually be added to the stones, and won’t peel off like tempera and gouache. Allow to dry.

Alternatively, kids can paint on paper instead of  canvas board, but they won’t be able to display their work vertically. Markers can also be used instead of paints, but a painted white base will help the colours show up better.

3. Lay the white stones on top of the canvas board, keeping in mind that whatever is underneath the stone will be painted on top of it, allowing it to blend in with the background. Now add the other colours on top and again, allow to dry.

3. Glue the stones onto the canvas board using a strong glue, so they won’t fall off. From a distance, the stone will blend in with the background, and look really cool up close.


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16 responses to “Blending In

  1. Super super super awesome idea 🙂 Looooved it!

  2. That looks so awesome, they give a really nice 3D effect. Nice work!

  3. What a fun idea! I wonder if my grand kids could do that? Thanks for linking up with me.

  4. What type of art is your specialty? I would love to know. Do you have an online portfolio?

    • No online portfolio, but I was a textile designer and then went on to teach arts and crafts to children. I love having this blog because I can explore anything that inspires me and share it with others! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  5. Rhiannon-Baked In The South

    Love this idea! We would love to have you link up some of your projects at our party!

  6. Oh WOW!! This is sooooo neat!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  7. Huh, never would have thought of this, I like it! Happened to find your post at Look What I Made!

  8. Actually I found you at Creative Thursday, my bad. ;p

  9. That is such a creative idea. I never would have thought to blend the stones into completed children’s artwork. Looks really cool 🙂

    Great job!


  10. Your are an inspiration, and these are so really cute, and creative. I also like the 3D effect. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you help to make it a great par.tay!

  11. Oh, how neat!! You always do such interesting things with art. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  12. Julie

    Thank you for participating in Show Your Stuff Blog Hop, You are invited to come back:

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