More Than Just A Yardage Sale

Affordable opportunities abound at the  Textile Museum of Canada’s annual fundraising event, More Than Just a Yardage Sale. It’s not quite Black Friday, but it is an amazing opportunity to elbow your way through bins, rummage through bags, and stock up on supplies at great prices. They have an eclectic selection of yarn, fabrics, notions, craft supplies, magazines, and a variety of odds and ends; all great stuff to make arts and crafts, and leave you wondering where the hell to store it once you get home. This glorious gathering takes place on May 28th and 29th, so check out the website and mark your calendars. Put your best face forward girls and be prepared to line up early for the choicest bits.


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4 responses to “More Than Just A Yardage Sale

  1. WOWEEWOW! Thanks for sharing this info – so glad I cam across your blog for this and many other reasons. Nice to find a crafty, blogging mom in the TDot. I’ll be back often. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spirit on the WWW for someone like me to enjoy and be inspired by!

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